Nintendo Wii U Tour Now Open at Downtown Disney

The Nintendo Wii U Tour is now officially open in the Marketplace area of Downtown Disney to showcase their newest Wii U console and most popular games. Spanning through June 23, 2013, the event will give current Wii owners a chance to test-drive the new console and upcoming games, including the highly anticipated Disney Infinity gaming platform, scheduled to release this August (testing opportunities coming in the next few days)!

Guests can begin their Nintendo experience outside of Once Upon a Toy, where they might visit a game-play kiosk or settle into a living room to test play. There are also photo opportunities for Guests to pose with some of Nintendo’s most iconic characters, including Mario and Luigi. We'll check out this new addition soon.

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  1. Nintendo is such a great company, Disney really needs to set something up with them. What other company has the type of character recognition as much as Disney, like Nintendo.


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