LEGOLAND Update: New Restaurant & More (PART 1)

Just like most of the other theme parks and attractions in Central Florida, LEGOLAND Florida is busy building new attractions, restaurants, and many other additions that will certainly attract both new and repeat Guests.

Let's take a look together at what is taking place in the park (for photos of the new themed land, click HERE):

Another very quiet day in the park (remember that this is the slowest season of the year, and we were visiting in the afternoon, when most Guests were visiting the very back of the park - LEGO City):

New small railings have been finally installed around the "WELCOME" sign:

Getting in the park:

This sign is misleading... The Mansion was not open to the public. It was reserved for a special event:

Let's take a look at the park from above:

Some miscellaneous props:

A look around this truly beautiful theme park:

Even though you can find more photos of the future expansion area at this link, we just wanted to mention that LEGOLAND was able to hide the theme of its new area quite well. The pirates flag that we spotted actually misdirected us. In fact, LEGOLAND Florida just posted a video that almost confirms the real theme of their new land, coming later this year:

Here's the video:

Yes, as you can see, this confirms that the area will be themed after the new Legends of Chima LEGO series.

Back to the rest of the park:

This is the rumored future location of the new LEGOLAND Florida Hotel:

More aerial photos:

After riding the Island in the Sky, we headed toward the incredibly underwhelming LEGO Factory:

The carousel:

Nice to see LEGOLAND doing meet-and-greets as well:

An animated LEGO model has been installed on top of the Garden Shop:

This older lady was previously located on the ground, but it has now been moved:

She waters the soil...

...and then the flowers pop up!:

There we go!:


Moving on: