Islands of Adventure Update: Mystery Lagoon Project

Just a few days ago, we visited Universal's Islands of Adventure, and while there is not a lot of work going on in the park (well, at least not as much as the work being done inside Universal Studios Florida!) there's still a lot to report. Let's first start by taking a look at the new automated ticket booth that was built a few weeks ago:

This new area looks quite nice, despite the very limited size:

A new seating area was also added:

But, let's get to the park now:

Very long operating hours... It must be Spring Break!:

The Zephyrhills water bottles have all been replaced by Pure Life water bottler. Bad change in our opinion:

The huge buoys in the middle of the park's lagoon are still there, but it looks like nothing has changed since our last visit. Rumors say that a possible new nighttime show may be coming to the park. That'd be great!:

A closer look at these buoys:

Ooops, that was not a buoy. Sorry. Here's a real buoy:

Moving on to other areas of the park:

A new game was recently introduced in the "If I Ran the Zoo" play area of Seuss Landing:

The Lost Continent:

Work on the future train station continues (sorry, but we were not able to get closer to the construction area due to the massive crowds going toward the Wizarding World):


Jurassic Park (and the abandoned landing of the former Island Skipper Tour Boats):

The bad storm has left some traces here:

Nothing's happening here, at least for now:

Refurbished sign in Marvel's Superhero Island:

The refurbished Marvel characters cutouts have returned:

That's it for now. Thanks for reading, and see you in a bit for more news, updates, and advisories.


  1. Im actually happy about the move away from Zephyrhills bottled water. The idea of Florida spring water is laughable. Florida water is disgusting. It has an awful taste that requires all water companies and many homeowners to install special distillers and filters to remove it. While I would prefer Poland Springs or Deer Park to Nestlé Pure Life (which is not spring water, but is instead just filtered tap water), its still an improvement to Zephyrhills which to many (including myself) still has a tinge of a taste of "Florida water". Just my opinion of course...

  2. I wouldn't be so sure about your water flavor opinions.

    Nestle owns all the regional water companies, and the water could come from anywhere. Nestle probably just wanted Universal to change their label on the water to a brand known world wide for marketing reasons. The water could still be coming right from Florida, and the change you're tasting is all in your head.

  3. Nestlé is a water bottler only, not the water source. My point was unless you grew up drinking "Florida water" you likely will believe it tastes awful (unless filtered more than usual, as Disney does). I would scribe the taste as sulfur-like.

    In fact, Zephyrhills isn't always spring water at all. They also drill wells near the springs. Personally I don't view spring water and well water as the same thing.

  4. I think it just comes down to the level of Total Disolved Solids (TDS), which gives different bottled waters their unique tastes. Here are links to Poland Springs and Zephyrhills bottled water quality reports. Interesting that Zephyrhills clearly states that its source could be a well or municipal water (tap water).

  5. Water is water...frankly bottled water is said to be not that much cleaner than tap after all the filters it goes through its just your choice if you want to pay for it....just saying


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