Islands of Adventure Update: Day & Night (PART 1)

Today's Islands of Adventure update will be quite special, as we have got a large number of nighttime photos of some areas of the park to share with you, as well as some older photos (taken a week ago) that still include minor new additions and changes that have showed up in the park. Let's take a look around, shall we?:

Welcome back to Universal's Islands of Adventure:

First of all, during our last visit, this was the line to enter the park:

Yes, that's a lot of people...

A look around the beautiful Port of Entry:

Some wait times from THE WEEK BEFORE:

The wait times during OUR LAST VISIT:

A couple of panoramic views of the lagoon. Here's the first one (FULL-SIZE):

Here's another one for you (FULL-SIZE):

Will this attraction ever come back? We would definitely love to be able to check it out if it comes back:

Crowds in Seuss Landing (the decorations were still up until a few days ago):

Moving on to the Lost Continent:

Time to clean it again...

The Lost Continents ruins are really great:

Wait... there's a line OUTSIDE for Poseidon's Fury? That's madness:

The show is nice, but it is definitely not worth waiting in such a long line!:

Going back, Mythos was strangely still open, even though it as later in the day:

The clock in front of Mythos' entrance doesn't work. And for a reason (something may be missing...):

As we reported last week, the snack location near the Poseidon's Treasures shop has reopened:

We were the first to report that the location now offers flavored popcorn:


  1. Will this attraction ever come back? We would definitely love to be able to check it out if it comes back what attraction is this that is missing for some reason i cant place it and also when does slow season start i im really itching to get back to the park

  2. We were referring to the old Island Skippers Tour attraction (it was a boat connecting Port of Entry with Jurassic Park).

    Also, the slow season should have started yesterday, as most kids have gone back to school.

  3. thats what i thought but i looked at the wait times and they were still kind of long but what month does it become busy season after the school season by the way you all do a great job

  4. We were there at the end of last week, it was crazy!! That was our 3rd time there and the busiest I've ever seen, I'm glad we had "Express" passes.


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