Magic Kingdom: Big Thunder Rehab and More (Part 2)

Here we are on part 2 of this new Magic Kingdom update (PART 1 can be found here).

Let's now move on to Big Thunder Mountain Railroad:

It looks like the rumors about the queue area being enclosed may soon be confirmed:

Let's try to take a closer look by taking the Liberty Belle Riverboat:

A lot of workers were on the scene:

Some of the iron bars have been removed from the windows:

One thing is certain: a lot of the wood of the queue is being replaced:

Is that a new wall?:

Some more photos of the area:

The mountain is starting took much nicer as the major repainting project continues:

A look at what happened some days before (the following four photos were taken a week ago):

Back to the future... or better, back to the present (notice that the work on this section of the track seems to be done):

"Yes, there's a weird guy that's taking a picture of me right now. What should I do?":

"Hmmm... This guy is taking way too many pictures. Better call Larry":

Uh-oh! Better move on...

More work on the tracks:

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