Magic Kingdom: Big Thunder Rehab and More (Part 3)

Welcome to the final part of this new Magic Kingdom update (PART 1 and PART 2 can be found here).

Let's continue to take a look around Big Thunder Mountain Railroad:

A lot of scaffolding is still up in this section of the ride:

Attempted artistic shot:

The small shack in the back of the mountain has received a brand-new set of shingles:

A look at Big Thunder Mountain Railroad from the Walt Disney World Railroad:

The track has a very dark color:

Some of the opossums are still missing:

Some Native Americans were spotted along the banks of the river (does that dog have a new look?):

Back in Frontierland, we noticed what seems like a new sign:

It tells people using wheelchairs where to enter the ride:

Going to Tomorrowland, this was the line for the TTA PeopleMover!:

The usual dance party was taking place also:

The DVC booth in Tomorrowland finally received the updated company logos:

They looks nicer:

Outside the park, we noticed that some work was being done on some of the rooms (facing the Seven Seas Lagoon) of the Contemporary Resort:

And this concludes this new Magic Kingdom update. Thank you for reading!


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