Magic Kingdom: Big Thunder Rehab and More (Part 1)

Welcome to a new, extensive Magic Kingdom photo-update! We will continue to focus a lot on the work being done in Frontierland, as well as on some other work being done around the park. Let's start:

Some buildings in Main Street U.S.A. are still under refurbishment:

All these facades will look great in a few months:

Magic Kingdom is looking for new volunteers:

Work on the bridge connecting Main Street U.S.A. to the central Hub:

A commercial was shooting near the entrance of the Rose Garden:

It should be a "Let the Memories Begin!" commercial:

A short video of the recording session:

Some photos of our fantastic Cinderella Castle:

It is extremely photogenic:

In Adventureland, work on the facade of the Sunshine Tree Terrace continues:

Work is being done on the bridge connecting Liberty Square with Frontierland:

All these facades are finally tarp-free, and they look good!:

Some more work needs to be done:

The side of Pecos Bill's Tall Tale Inn & cafe' is still under refurbishment:

The rest of the facade looks wonderful after its extensive refurbishment:

Work also continues on the bridge between Pecos Bill and Big Thunder Mountain:


  1. Wow.... I Must Thank You to give me a triple WDW's MEGAREPORT on my Birthday Anniversary!!!!!!!

    This is a a great preset for me!!!!!!!

  2. Hope you had a VERY happy birthday Bigfoots - sorry I'm a little late with my birthday wishes! : )


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