Fun Fact: Comparing the Size of Disney's Theme Parks

Yesterday evening we asked this question to all our Facebook followers:

"TRIVIA QUESTION: Can you list all the Disney Theme Parks in the world (taken individually), from the SMALLEST to the BIGGEST in size? Let's see who gets this right!"

Sounds interesting, doesn't it? If you think you know the answer, feel free to share it in the comments section of this post. Keep on reading to find out the right answer (with official figures released by the Walt Disney Co.):
  1. The SMALLEST Disney theme park in the world is Disney California Adventure - 55 acres (not counting the Cars Land expansion, which is not open at this time);
  2. Hong Kong Disneyland - approximately 60 acres (55 not counting the new Toy Story PlayLand);
  3. Walt Disney Studios Paris - 62 acres;
  4. Disneyland Park (California) - 85 acres;
  5. Tokyo DisneySea - 122 acres;
  6. Tokyo Disneyland - 126 acres, and Disneyland Paris - 126 acres;
  7. Magic Kingdom - 142 acres;
  8. Disney’s Hollywood Studios - 154 acres;
  9. Epcot - 300 acres;
  10. The BIGGEST Disney theme park in the world is Disney’s Animal Kingdom Theme Park- 500 acres.
Now, let's analyze these very interesting figures:
  • The Walt Disney World Resort contains the four biggest Disney Parks ever built (Shanghai Disneyland's acreage is still unknown at this time, as the park is still under construction);
  • The biggest Disney theme park in the world (Disney's Animal Kingdom) is also the one with the least amount of rides (not counting animal exhibits or shows);
  • The two smallest Disney theme parks in the world (Disney California Adventure and Hong Kong Disneyland) are currently the ones receiving the most attention;
  • Tokyo Disneyland and Disneyland Park Paris have almost exactly the same acreage;
  • Disney's Hollywood Studios is 12 acres bigger than the Magic Kingdom. Surprising, huh?
  • The Magic Kingdom in Florida is 57 acres bigger than the original Disneyland Park in California;
  • Tokyo Disney Sea is exactly in the middle of the list, making it the "average" Disney park (and that's very far from being true in real life, of course!);
  • There's a 158 acres difference between the size of the Magic Kingdom and Epcot.
  • Disney California Adventure, Hong Kong Disneyland, Walt Disney Studios Paris, Disneyland Park, and Tokyo DisneySea would ALL fit inside Disney's Animal Kingdom Theme Park at the same time!
Something to think about, isn't it? Thanks to all who guessed (JiffyPop and Steve2wdw were close)!

All these figures were taken from the official Walt Disney Company 2010 Fact Book.

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