New Tour at WDW: Marceline to Magic Kingdom

A brand-new tour has been added to the Magic Kingdom.
It is called "Marceline to Magic Kingdom", and it will go behind the scenes of the Magic Kingdom park.
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Behind the Scenes - Walt Disney: Marceline to Magic Kingdom Tour

A new guided tour at Magic Kingdom Park is a great way to learn about the life of Walt Disney and to get a sense of how he drew on his past to change the future of entertainment.
Guests can certainly enjoy all the fun of Magic Kingdom Park without this background, but the 2.5- to 3-hour walking tour will give one a deeper appreciation of some of the turning points in the life of the man who dreamed it all into being.

Mandy Holling, our tour guide, told the tale of Walt Disney and the Magic Kingdom Park.

The Walt Disney: Marceline to Magic Kingdom Tour is a pleasant stroll that becomes an exercise in biography. It connects important periods in Walt's life to some of his proudest achievements. One recurring theme is how the happy, small-town atmosphere of Marceline, Mo., where Walt lived as a youngster, inspired the nostalgic and welcoming atmosphere of Main Street, USA.
I took this tour a couple of weeks ago, along with several other folks who contribute to Eyes & Ears [a Cast Members-only free magazine]. Our very informative guide, Mandy Holling, told us that Walt spent just a few years in Marceline as a boy. However, those were formative years that shaped his love for the open, safe friendliness of small-town America. And, of course, that feeling is still one of the guiding spirits for all Disney parks.

We learned how parts of Main Street, USA, had parallels in Walt Disney's life.

As Mandy explained some of the key moments in Walt's life, she mentioned something that seemed an insightful way to understand his triumphs. It was the notion that while Walt always had a foot firmly planted in the past, he kept an eye on the future and adopted any modern technology that would help him reach his goal. Indeed, in some cases, such as Audio-Animatronics figures, he was the global leader.
Mandy said that although Walt dreamed of a better future, "he never strayed too far from that small town."

Our tour guide gave us the scoop on art inside Cinderella Castle.

There's loads of information to be gleaned during the tour, but don't get the idea that this is anything like a classroom lecture without desks. It's fun. We also had a chance to ride a couple of attractions while learning a bit about how they operate.
The tour is geared toward those 12 and older and costs $30 per person. With summer coming on, you'll be glad to know that there is a planned stop for water and refreshments, and the guides know all the shady spots along the route.

Our enthusiastic tour guide kept our attention.

From reimagining the amusement park to creating the pageantry that we've come to expect from the Olympics to celebrating the future at the New York World's Fair, the milestones in Walt's life are many. You may not be able to touch on them all in a 3-hour walk, but this tour will give you a sense of Walt's appreciation of the past and his excitement about the future.

For more information and reservations, call 407-WDW-TOUR (407-939-8687).

This is surely a great, new addition for Magic Kingdom's Tours. It could be very interesting to see. Of course, before we ever get to see this tour, we will see the fantastic "Keys to the Kingdom" tour. We've heard that that's the best of the best! has anyone ever attended the "Keys to the Kingdom" tour? How would you rate your experience? And, what do you think about the concept for this new tour?

Thanks a lot for reading, and please, if you've taken any tour on the Walt Disney World property, please share your opinion!

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