Universal Orlando Gives Hints on New Ride

What will replace Jimmy Neutron? Who wouldn't like to know the answer to this question? Well, it looks like Universal Orlando is very well aware of this, and it's therefore giving out some special "hints" to its fans.

Here you are the latest (and the first) hints, directly from Universal Orlando's official Facebook page:

Hey fans! Are you ready for the first UORHint about the concept of our new attraction? 
Just remember, to take advantage of these clues you must:

1. Remember, things may not always be as they seem 
2. Pay close attention to every detail 
3. Remember, we’ve taken some liberties in editing/enhancing the photos 

Here’s the first UORHint: We captured this photo of Thierry Coup, Senior Vice President of the Creative Studio, working in his office at Universal Creative. What do you think he is working on?:
Photo copyright of Universal Orlando resort. All rights reserved.
[Another] UORHint: The new attraction is being designed by the same team that has brought to life many of Universal Orlando’s great entertainment experiences -- but it is based on a concept that is entirely different from what is now in our theme parks.

These two hints make us much more curious than we were before...
We thought it would just be a re-theming of the ride to "Despicable Me", but it looks like they will be doing much more than simply repainting and dusting the ride's original system. Anyone know more on this?


  1. Banana? King Kong will return?

    Anyone saw something else?

  2. Eh. I still think it's going to be Despicable Me, but who knows. I don't see a reason to bring Kong back now. If they didn't cash in on the success of the most recent Kong movie when it was fresh in everyone's minds, why start now?

  3. I know Harry Potter is in IOA. But I see the whomping willow on his shelf.

  4. People people, they're just trying to confuse us! Who's the only other popular Kong? That's right this will clearly be a Donkey Kong ride. I mean he's using a red pen, and what's the color of DK's tie?


  5. I personally just wish USF would bring back the Studio Tram Tour they had a long time ago back when the park opened. I know it wouldn't compare to the one at USH but still given the fact its a "Studios" theme park and both USH and DHS each have a backlot tour, why not USF? Then they could have minor drive through attractions including King Kong 360 as well as something from Despicable Me and more.

  6. Look at his windows. I can make out a nose and two eyes. Does anyone else see this?


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