SeaWorld Orlando Update - busier than usual

As you know, the fantastic, new show "One Ocean" has just opened two days ago at SeaWorld Orlando.
Everybody is really focused on that, but what about the rest of the park? Well, let's check it out:

It was so busy that we had to use the secondary entrance to the park:

We've never been here before:

"One Ocean" banners all over the place:

Some shots of Manta:

Pretty busy day, as you can see!:

The rarely-open pathway that leads to the Atlantis Bayside Stadium was open:

The "Bands, Brew & BBQ" stands are still there:

The Atlantis Bayside Stadium:

The logo of the stadium:

It is pretty sad that this great stadium is not used a lot:

Another secondary entrance... here!:

Work on the stadium?:

A new, interactive totem near "Mango Joe's":

Stilt walkers:

Work are really underway for the return of the "Dine with Shamu" experience:

It looks like it's almost done:

Nice, nice theming:

Voyagers is our personal favorite. it has some really great food:

Inside the Custom House...

...we still find some "Believe" stuff. So, if you would like something from the past show, hurry up!! :-)

The Panoramic Tower:

Price is $4 for everybody:

But the very disappointing thing is that it is no longer free fro Annual Passholders!! Very sad. i will always avoid it from now on (it's not the price per se, but SeaWorld already offers very few rides!):

The fountain show is great! Don't miss it on your next visit:

The Mystery boxes landed at SeaWorld too:

Journey to Atlantis is as beautiful as usual:

Blue Horizon was so crowded that SeaWorld had to add an additional show that day:

The Garden of Discovery:

A partner of the park:

Thanks a lot for viewing, and don't forget to check out our great "One Ocean" update, with a lot of photos, videos and an exclusive HD video of the whole show!


  1. lovely update, but was hoping for more of atlantis. :P
    love that ride.

  2. Sky Tower is an up-charge attraction due to the fact it has limited capacity and it is very weather dependent. If it were to be included in the price of a single day ticket, and not available, guests would complain that they did not "receive" full value of their ticket. Disclaimers or not on tickets, the park would still have to deal with these situations.

    As far as the "work" on the Bayside stage, those are the footers for the temporary concert tent used for Bands and Brew and Viva.


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