Islands of Adventure update

The surprise was... that I visited 3 theme parks! IOA, Disney's Animal Kingdom and Epcot.

Here we begin with IOA:


The Skipper Boats won't reopen soon...

The whole area is Tokyo Disney Sea-themed (attention to details):

But this is horrible to see:

This is the boring (and longest) part of the queue:

A Medieval map:

This was much better before (notice that the new name is DRAGON CHALLENGE and not DRAGONS' CHALLENGE):

To conclude, the area has a good theming, but let's face it: many people are criticizing the new Fantasyland Expansion because they say: "there will be just a new dark-ride and a bunch of meet-and-greet", but what about this area??? Is it not the same?? Only a new dark-ride and a bunch of shops?? The other two coasters were already there!!! I am personally looking forward more to the new Fantasyland than to this.

Let's move forward, next is Animal Kingdom!


  1. Did you get to ride the new attraction?How was it?Did it live up to the expectations?
    Very nice pics with some views I have not seen before.

  2. No, I didn't ride the attraction, since I had to take pics of the queue, so I couldn't board the vehicle with the camera... And since after they closed the attraction, I didn't get to ride it...

  3. great pics,

    but I don't get the negative sound in your comments. I think we should celebrate all expansions and additions to the parks, sure you can have favourites, but lets keep it friendly and open I'd say :) These day's everyone's a critic.. and it's so easy to critisize, isn't it?

    I look forward to seeing universal and disneyworld this summer :)
    for me all rides are new since I've never been there, so that's a plus ;)

    thanks again for the beautifull pictures.


  4. It's true that Potterland is also similar to the Fantasyland expansion, but I have to give props to Potterland simply because it's something that's never been done in a theme park before. On the other hand, Disney Princesses are getting old and have been around in Disney parks for decades.

  5. Thanks for the comments, everybody!
    You know, I've never been a fan of this expansion (and I absolutely don't like all this HP stuff, but everybody has his/her own point of view, and it's great to share comments and opinions...

  6. Thanks Samuele for the update!! Next time you will be there can you check if there any Explicit restriction in tall and weight? I read about a man that can't go in FJ on that ride for his body size!
    I ask you this because I'm 6.3 Feet tall and 286 pound and if there is a problem about that I think I will let a leg down the ride, ahahah!!!

  7. I will check next time, don't worry!

  8. Have you done something to your pictures as for 2 months now I have only been able to view 1/4 of your pictures and the others just have the tiny image in the corner showing that it cant be displayed.

  9. I have to agree some with you, Samuele. I mean i think people out there had some crazy expectations of the Potter area. Maybe that Universal's own fault, for over playing it. I liked the Dueling Dragons queue a lot, so since I heard back then it was going to be Potterized i wasn't to thrill about it. But i get it. I mean Harry was coming to town and it didn't made sense to let two dragon's out there in the middle of nowhere. I agree that Harry Potter don't do that much for me either, for me it only goes as how good the ride is, and how pretty the area is. Cause i really don't like Harry and friends that much.

    But i don't share you're view of the Fantasy Land expansion and maybe that's cause i haven't seen was coming that carefully. But i think that is cause i really haven't been excited at all.

    Anyway superb job, as most of the time!


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