"Circle of Life" Reopening This Week with Minimal Changes

The Harvest Theater is scheduled to officially reopen to Guests this Saturday at the Walt Disney World Resort, according to this week's Epcot Times Guide.
The venue, located inside The Land pavilion, will still feature the Circle of Life, an environmental movie presented by Simba, Timon, and Pumbaa. While this attraction has been closed for months, we have been told that changes inside the theater are very minimal, and these will not be noticed by most visitors.

Indeed, we have been told that the only part of the attraction that was refurbished is the stairwell located inside the theater itself, as they were not up to ADA standards. For that reason, new railings and carpeting have been installed on either side of the theater for the safety of Guests descending the stairs.

Unfortunately, we have been told that the projector has still not been upgraded at this time, making it one of the oldest systems on property (that's not a good record to hold). That's quite sad, as it would have been a real treat to have a new projector and movie debut at the same time as Soarin' Around the World.

Oh, and those who really love the Circle of Life should note that the attraction is scheduled to "soft-open" to Guests on Friday, April 22, 2016. The date chosen is very fitting, as it coincides with Earth Day.

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  1. So they are cool with charging a ton of extra money to enter the park early and stay in the park late (which was a total flop thankfully) but they can't drop a couple grand on a new projector? I mean, with the amount of markup they put on Food and Wine items, they could pay for one in a matter of hours.

  2. This closure was never about making improvements to the attraction. It was a way to save some operational costs and prolong the life of a worn out film by shutting the theater down for a few weeks during a slower period at the park. Maybe they replaced a few arm rests or touched up the carpet, but nothing more I am sure.

  3. Pity the film wasn't updated. I've only seen it once and it came across as a bit of propaganda for the mindless.

  4. " I've only seen it once and it came across as a bit of propaganda for the mindless."

    Inspiring children to think about the environment. Always a good thing.


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