On this page you'll find the latest Times Guides containing operating hours for all four of the Walt Disney World theme parks and a property-wide guide. We hope you will find them useful to plan for your upcoming visit.

Week of May 28-June 3, 2017














Missed a specific Times Guide that you wanted to check out in the past? We now have a Times Guide archive for your convenience, which includes Times Guides from January 2016 onward:

2016 | 2017 (Jan.-Feb.) | 2017 (March-Dec.)

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Anonymous said...

Can you upload the ones for Dinseyland too?

The Disneyland Times Guides have just been posted. Enjoy!

jrh1985 said...

Man OTPN! You have friends in high places! Once again, This site ROCKS!

Thanks! We appreciate that!

Anonymous said...

What happened to Disneyland?

Anonymous said...

Anyone else notice the Magic Kingdom is only open for three hours Sunday, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday morning? 9:00am - 12:00pm That must be a typo.

Anonymous said...

Nice addition to the site, but you need a better way of indexing past Times Guides. With the current system, it takes a long time to scroll to the one you want, and there is no feedback on where you are in the process unless you click on a Guide to see what the date of it is. This setup will only get more unwieldy as you add more Guides to the archive...

jrh1985 said...

LOVING the Times Guides Every week!!! OTPN, I think you need a sister site in Anaheim so they can do Disneyland Resort's Times Guides!

@jrh1985: We actually tested that a few months ago, but it seemed like many of our Readers didn't have any interest in seeing them.

jrh1985 said...

I know you did. I would be interested but I'm just one person. And i hate asking because I know this site is Orlando based

Is there anyway to get the Universal Studios/Island of Adventure times guides posted too?

@Katharine: Unfortunately, the Universal Orlando Resort does not have Times Guides. Show times are included in the regular park map, which is updated regularly.

Michele said...

Are you going to include the WDW guides from 2015 in the archive? I was using the earlier guides a lot for planning future trips. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Great any chance of posting the guidemap of varous parks.

Anonymous said...

If MK is open until 1am and the Monorail quits running at midnight, how are people in the MK resorts to get home?

Anonymous said...

Yes would like the Disneylanf time guides if you hve them


Paul Haley said...

Thank You for your efforts ! ,,Clearly, You Provide Wonderful and Valuable Information !
Very Truly Yours,
Paul V. Haley

jrh1985 said...

When will the Times Guides for this week be posted? Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Request if you can for Disneyland and California Adventure if you can get them Thanks

Anonymous said...

When are the new times guides posted for future dates? I'm looking for the last week of Nov.

Anonymous said...

Do you know when the times guides will be available for November 21 - 28?

Can you upload the ones for Universal and Sea World too?

@Dicas Disney: We would love to, but Universal and SeaWorld do not use this format. They include showtimes directly on their maps, which are too big to be scanned properly. I apologize about that.

Don H. said...

I really appreciate you posting the Times Guides, they are not something you usually can find on the web. Collecting and scanning them weekly is a chore I am sure, so wanted to say thank you.

Anonymous said...

Any chance of showing the various Guidemaps of Disney Parks?

Anonymous said...

It is the afternoon of Feb 28th and yet all the WDW times guides are still the week of Feb 19-25. These guides are only good for 7 days, so being 3 or 4 days late make them sort of redundant. Hope turnaround time can be improved.

@Last Anonymous: We sincerely apologize for the delay, but we have had some major issues in the past few weeks that impacted our personal life and, as a result, our site. We will try to do our best to post them on this page as soon as they are released in the future. Thank you for your patience and understanding.

Anonymous said...

Might you be able to display the Animal Kingdom map that includes April 21-23, 2017? There appears to be a gap.

Mari said...

These are so helpful! Thanks for going to the trouble of posting them! I have this page bookmarked for regular reference. :-)

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