Theme Park Food Reviews: Fast Food Boulevard (PART 2)

More than two weeks ago, our friend Joe Morganelli reviewed two food items currently being sold in the Springfield area of Universal Studios Florida (we are referring to the turkey wrap that's available at Moe's Tavern and the fish taco).
This week, we are happy to share with our Readers three of his newest food reviews, which take place in the same themed area of Universal Studios. Let's hear his thoughts about the Riblet sandwhich, the Clogger, and the large donut.




As a reminder, all the proceeds earned through the ads shown before Morganelli's videos are donated to people in need. We personally want to thank him again for sharing these great reviews with us.

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  1. I had a LARD LAD'S DONUT at Universal Studios Hollywood, It took me two days to eat it, It's also not good for diabetics(take my word I was sweating and sick after, Not because doughnut was bad but because I'm diabetic)

  2. Those Lard Lad's donuts are a beautiful thing- it took two of us more than ten minutes to get through one, and it was enough to keep us from being hungry for the rest of the evening. It's quite possibly the most food I've ever gotten for $6 at a theme park.


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