You finally reached the third (and final) part of this Magic Kingdom update. As a reminder, you can find PART 2 of this photo-report by clicking on this link.
As you have seen, there are a lot of minor news to report from this park (we wish Epcot and Disney's Hollywood Studios would receive the same amount of attention; alas, it looks like things are moving at a much slower pace in those parks), but we are not done yet. Let's complete our tour of the park:

The usual:

Heading to the Fantasyland Forest:

150-minute wait for the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train. Still haven't been able to secure a FastPass+ for this:

Storybook Circus:

Relax area with over-the-top furniture and charging stations:

Covered FastPass+ kiosks:

Pete's Silly Sideshow:

Walking around the rest of this beautiful area:

Our last stop for the day will be Tomorrowland:

Still a concrete jungle:

The mine cart-themed popcorn buckets are nice:

The Tomorrowland stage was recently repainted using a lighter color scheme:

The sound booth:

Extended queues everywhere:

The sign of the former Tomorrowland Arcade has been removed:

New walls have been installed inside:

These do not appear to be temporary:

New charging stations inside the shop:

Space Mountain looked much cleaner than usual this time:

Time to leave the park:

And that is all for now. Be sure to check back here on Orlando Theme Park News in the next few days, as we plan on posting a separate Magic Kingdom update focusing solely on the central hub.

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