Magic Kingdom Update: Spring Break Crowds (PART 3)

You finally reached the third (and final) part of this Magic Kingdom update. As a reminder, you can find PART 2 of this photo-report by clicking on this link.
As you have seen, there are a lot of minor news to report from this park (we wish Epcot and Disney's Hollywood Studios would receive the same amount of attention; alas, it looks like things are moving at a much slower pace in those parks), but we are not done yet. Let's complete our tour of the park:

The usual:

Heading to the Fantasyland Forest:

150-minute wait for the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train. Still haven't been able to secure a FastPass+ for this:

Storybook Circus:

Relax area with over-the-top furniture and charging stations:

Covered FastPass+ kiosks:

Pete's Silly Sideshow:

Walking around the rest of this beautiful area:

Our last stop for the day will be Tomorrowland:

Still a concrete jungle:

The mine cart-themed popcorn buckets are nice:

The Tomorrowland stage was recently repainted using a lighter color scheme:

The sound booth:

Extended queues everywhere:

The sign of the former Tomorrowland Arcade has been removed:

New walls have been installed inside:

These do not appear to be temporary:

New charging stations inside the shop:

Space Mountain looked much cleaner than usual this time:

Time to leave the park:

And that is all for now. Be sure to check back here on Orlando Theme Park News in the next few days, as we plan on posting a separate Magic Kingdom update focusing solely on the central hub.


  1. Great report! Thank you for all the pics and commentary.

    Is it really so crowded that those two poor sould on the floor near the old SM arcade couldn't find a seat? Disney should add a bench or two there.

  2. I agree Disney should put more spots for people to sit and be able to take a break!

  3. They did put more places for people to sit and take a break...all around the hub.

  4. Wait...wait! Who saves?
    WHO SAVES?!?

    Oh we'll never know...

  5. Can someone explain me if the Fastpass+ is working? Because I have been other springbrakes in the park and it hadn't been so crowded. I couldn't know how to skip the lines without the normal fastpass!!

  6. WOW Please check your spelling next time. That makes no sense at all.

  7. LOL @ the pic of the ducks... It always amazes us when we go to any of the parks that have ducks that people who have spent thousands of dollars to go on vacation are standing around oohing and ahhing at... DUCKS! This is especially ironic in Animal Kingdom... I mean, come on people. There are so many more interesting animals to see and you are taking time to look at DUCKS? Which are almost everywhere on earth?

  8. Why would anyone queue 150 mins for the Mine Train in a queue that's not covered from the sun or worst a thunder storm. Do you know what the plane was writing in the picture of the Tomorrowland live stage?


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