One of the busiest times of the year is back, bringing thousands and thousands of visitors from all over the country (and the world) to the Central Florida area. Thanks to the newly-expanded hub, the entrance area of the Magic Kingdom Park didn't feel as cramped this time. That said, areas such as Frontierland and Tomorrowland still feel very crowded. We hope something will be done in those areas in the near future. Let's start to take a look around:

First of all, work continues on the columns of the City Hall facade:

We never reported that Nikon replaced Kodak as the official sponsor of the Town Square Theater:

A close look at the nearby planter, which was modified a few months ago:

The refurbishment of the Harmony Barber Shop has been completed:

The facades of the Confectionery and the Main Street Cinema were also just refurbished:

Tarps were removed just a few days ago:

They all look amazing now:

Notice that the sign of the Main Street Cinema is now white and red:

More refurbished facades:

Time to move on:

Spring break crowds invaded the hub:

The line at the Plaza Ice Cream Parlor:

Heading to Adventureland (the central hub project will be covered in subsequent update):

Still working on this roof:


New queue setup at the new location of Aloha Isle Refreshments:

Walking deeper into the jungle:

"Just" a 55-minute wait for Pirates of the Caribbean:

This ride is seriously in need of help. During our ride (no worries, we had used FastPass+) we noticed an unsafe amount of water inside the boats, bad light positioning throughout the ride, reflective metal pieces on the ceiling, special effects not working, outdated audio... The ride needs a two-year refurbishment.

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