Downtown Disney Update: Causeway Now Open (PART 1)

Another new addition recently debuted at Downtown Disney in the past few days. The new Village Causeway, located in the Marketplace, is a new walkway that allow Guests to reach more easily the area surrounding the Rainforest Cafe and also provides new retail options (more information can be found here). In addition to that, work continues to take place in the parking lots, The Landing, the future Town Center, and other areas of the Marketplace. Take a look:

We will begin by taking a look at the work being done on the future location of the I-4 ramp:

A look from above:

A new elevated walkway is also being built nearby:

The West Side:

Walls are still up around this elevated structure:

The entire area surrounding Planet Hollywood is also behind walls:

A peek behind the walls:

The West Side fountain has been turned off again:

Entering The Landing:

The former Adventurer's Club:

Quite a lot of progress has been done around here. Take a look at the BOATHOUSE and The Hangar:

The Hangar:


More shops have recently opened around The Landing: