Welcome to the second part of this new Downtown Disney construction update. As always, we'd like to remind you to check out PART 1 before proceeding.
As you have noticed, while there are only minor projects taking place around the West Side (the Planet Hollywood area will soon be part of the Town Center), plenty of work is being done around the parking garage and The Landing. We will now continue to take a look around these and other areas:

Morimoto Asia:

Going back to a familiar area:

Fulton's Crab House:

The Town Center is quickly taking shape behind the walls:

The Marketplace:

Let's take a look around the new Village Causeway:

More photos of these new kiosks (as well as a description of each of them) can be found here.

Notice how the floor changes:

A look back:

The new Margarita kiosk:

The Rainforest Cafe:

A few more photos of the rest of the Marketplace:

A band performing at the waterfront theater:

The expansion of the World of Disney store continues:

Work is also being done in this parking area:

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PHOTOS BY: Alex, Official Orlando Theme Park News Team Member and Photographer.


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Kate and Leo is a strange name. It just reminds me of Titanic.

Anonymous said...

is Cookes of Dublin still open?

Yes, Cookes of Dublin is still operating at this time. We don't really expect any major changes in that area.

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