The Downtown Disney area of the Walt Disney World Resort continue to become more and more impossible to visit. The parking lot becomes increasingly smaller due to work on the new multi-level garages, and most of the walkways are obstructed by temporary walls. That said, all of this is necessary as this entire district should become a much better place to shop, dine, and eat once all the work in this area will be completely done. Now, let's take a look around together:

Let's first take a look around the West Side:

Some of the newest offerings in this area:

Disney Quest continues to exist. We love the concept, but it really, really needs to be updated:

Work on the new Food Truck Park continues:

The new Starbucks is great:

A look inside:

Gorgeous details, no doubt:

Moving on to Pleasure Island:

Lots of work taking place here:

...and lots of walls can be seen everywhere:

Some of the former clubs:

This is definitely an amazing transformation:

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