Downtown Disney Construction Update (PART 1)

The Downtown Disney area of the Walt Disney World Resort continue to become more and more impossible to visit. The parking lot becomes increasingly smaller due to work on the new multi-level garages, and most of the walkways are obstructed by temporary walls. That said, all of this is necessary as this entire district should become a much better place to shop, dine, and eat once all the work in this area will be completely done. Now, let's take a look around together:

Let's first take a look around the West Side:

Some of the newest offerings in this area:

Disney Quest continues to exist. We love the concept, but it really, really needs to be updated:

Work on the new Food Truck Park continues:

The new Starbucks is great:

A look inside:

Gorgeous details, no doubt:

Moving on to Pleasure Island:

Lots of work taking place here:

...and lots of walls can be seen everywhere:

Some of the former clubs:

This is definitely an amazing transformation:


  1. Prezels, Hagen Daz and Starbucks, it's amazing how this more and more starts to offer the exact same thing as every single mall.

  2. The Pretzels, Hagen Daz were both already there, just moved locations...Starbucks was an addition that seems to be popular with tourists and locals, and the westside location is pretty sweet and has a Clover Coffee Bar which is pretty unique.

    I think we are on the verge of some bigger announcements of things comings, the rumor mill is rampant on things that may be coming, only time will tell but there will be a big influx of newness...

    Just wait....

    and by the way walls are now down in front of futons, and looks amazing!

  3. They should close Disney Quest and move the best of the attraction to Epcot Innoventions East and West since there is so much empty space there.

  4. Downtown Disney West Side is really a mishmash of architecture and colors and I think really doesn't look good. I wonder what the entire plan is for this area.. They should unify the entire area with an overall color/architecture.. The Pretzel and Haagen Daz awfully stick out next to that giant blue concrete box!

  5. In reply to Anonymous @2:37,
    They can't move the best of DisneyQuest to FUTUREworld since most of DisneyQuest is 90s technology! I think all DisneyQuest needs is a good refresh, there are some good concepts but they just need to update them.

    In reply to Anonymous @4:19
    I agree there doesn't seem to have been any thought put into West Side. Those kiosks would look fine in Marketplace but don't match with DisneyQuest or the Cirque theatre at all!

  6. The kiosks are most likely temporary and the archetectural style is and unifying look is on its way (perhaps you noticed the construction). The entire area has been 3 distinctly different areas. Too many people "prefer the west side" or the "marketplace" If done correctly, it will all be Disney Springs and be all one presentation. I imagine that the majority of the unifying work to the existing areas won't be full construction until the new areas are done.


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