Today's Islands of Adventure update will be quite special, as we have got a large number of nighttime photos of some areas of the park to share with you, as well as some older photos (taken a week ago) that still include minor new additions and changes that have showed up in the park. Let's take a look around, shall we?:

Welcome back to Universal's Islands of Adventure:

First of all, during our last visit, this was the line to enter the park:

Yes, that's a lot of people...

A look around the beautiful Port of Entry:

Some wait times from THE WEEK BEFORE:

The wait times during OUR LAST VISIT:

A couple of panoramic views of the lagoon. Here's the first one (FULL-SIZE):

Here's another one for you (FULL-SIZE):

Will this attraction ever come back? We would definitely love to be able to check it out if it comes back:

Crowds in Seuss Landing (the decorations were still up until a few days ago):

Moving on to the Lost Continent:

Time to clean it again...

The Lost Continents ruins are really great:

Wait... there's a line OUTSIDE for Poseidon's Fury? That's madness:

The show is nice, but it is definitely not worth waiting in such a long line!:

Going back, Mythos was strangely still open, even though it as later in the day:

The clock in front of Mythos' entrance doesn't work. And for a reason (something may be missing...):

As we reported last week, the snack location near the Poseidon's Treasures shop has reopened:

We were the first to report that the location now offers flavored popcorn:

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