Islands of Adventure Update: VelociCoaster, New Lockers, And More (PART 1)

This morning, we are going to take a quick look around Universal's Islands of Adventure to see what's new. As always, we will focus on the all-new VelociCoaster under construction in the Jurassic Park themed area, but we will also stop by Hogsmeade to check out the work that has been done so far in the new lockers area. Let's begin!

The Port of Entry area looks so serene:

The Island Market & Export sign is still missing:

Here's the new VelociCoaster:

Let's take another look at this new attraction from Marvel Superhero Island:

Our next stop will be Toon Lagoon:

The water feature at the entrance of the land was turned off:

Here's an even closer look at the VelociCoaster from Sweet Haven:

Entering Jurassic Park:

The new rockwork looks great:

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