Islands of Adventure Update: New Raptor-Themed Coaster Continues to Take Shape (PART 1)

It's time to return to Universal's Islands of Adventure to check out all that's new since our last visit. As always, we will focus on the massive new roller coaster being installed in Jurassic Park, yet there are still other areas where we found something that caught our attention. Let's begin our tour, shall we?

We visited the park a few days ago as we were concerned about the possibility of having to deal with large crowds during the holiday weekend. We want to make sure we are always able to follow the social distancing guidelines.

This was a good day to come to the park and have fun while being safe. The park was far from being crowded:

Here you are the new Jurassic Park roller coaster:

Let's head to Seuss Landing:

If I Ran the Zoo is still closed for obvious reasons (it's a play area):

Social Distancing at its finest:

The Lost Continent:

Poseidon's Fury closed earlier than usual on the day we visited:

The store where Guests can purchase pearls was recently renamed:

It's now called "Peregrine Imports":

I wonder why the name was changed:

Moving on:

The U-Rest area in The Lost Continent is located in the theater formerly housing The Eighth Voyage of Sinbad:

While the show had its flaws, the set was (and still is) incredibly impressive and the pyrotechnic effects were great:

Who knows when stunt shows will return to this park...

The new roller coaster as seen from Hogsmeade:

The new locker area for Forbidden Journey is still under construction, but no work is currently being performed:


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