SeaWorld Update: Ice Breaker Construction, Antarctica's Issues, and More (PART 2)

Thank you for joining us for the second part of this new SeaWorld Orlando photo-report. Let's continue to take a look around the future site of Ice Breaker, the park's new launched roller coaster:

This is going to be a very thrilling ride:

Here's the view of the construction area from the Shamu Stadium:

Notice the coaster station:

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The sign of the Shamu Stadium is currently behind walls:

The name of the stadium could change soon since they have been phasing out "Shamu":

Moving on:

We never noticed this lightning rod on top of the main feature of Infinity Falls' drop:

By the way, the hourly capacity of Infinity Falls continues to be alarmingly low:

After standing next to the attraction for a few minutes, we thought it would be interesting to check how many rafts would be dispatched in the span of 10 minutes. Afterward, we started doing that for the other four main attractions. We hope you will find our findings interesting. NOTE: Keep in mind that these numbers are purely based on our observations and do NOT represent the actual capacity of the attraction, as that can be altered on a hourly basis depending on a number of variables.

INFINITY FALLS: In a span of 10 minutes, 11 rafts were dispatched. That means that every hour a total of 66 rafts would be dispatched, resulting in a THC (Theoretical Hourly Capacity) of 528.


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  1. I went on Infinity Falls early at 10 AM this summer and still waited 45 minutes for it. I only did it because I hadn't been on it before. It's fun, but definitely not worth the long waits once people start using their Quick Queues later in the day.


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