Epcot Update: Walls Around Every Corner of Future World (PART 2)

Thank you for joining us for the second part of this new Epcot photo-report. Let's continue to take a look around Future World West, which will soon become World Nature:

Temporary walls surround a large portion of the grassy area near The Land pavilion:

It's unclear what will happen in this space:

Notice the area that has been marked in the center of this space:

Next stop: Imagination!

One of the emergency exits inside ImageWorks has been closed off:

Work has begin inside ImageWorks to get ready for Mickey Mouse's new character greeting location:

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The small pond near the Imagination pavilion is dry:

More walls surround Club Cool:

The restrooms located near Test Track are closed:

The future home of the Guardians of the Galaxy: Cosmic Rewind roller coaster:

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