Epcot Update: Walls Around Every Corner of Future World (PART 1)

Due to the massive amounts of construction walls surrounding many of its buildings and planters, Future World is almost unrecognizable now, and this area of the park is going to look even more different in the coming years. Come with us as we take a look around to see what's new.

Walls are up under the awning on the west side of the entrance plaza:

Work on the new planters in the middle of the plaza continues behind these walls:

A temporary walkway is taking shape near Spaceship Earth:

The walkway will connect this area to Future World West:

Work is also being done on the opposite side, near Guest Relations:

The former Fountain of Nations plaza:

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As of today, the Fountain View building is completely gone (it was still standing a few days ago):

The interior of the former Epcot Character Spot has been completely gutted:

The former Chip 'n' Dale character greeting location is gone:

Temporary walls now surround an area close to The Seas with Nemo & Friend pavilion:

Let's take a quick look behind the walls:

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