Epcot Update: The Calm Before the Storm (PART 1)

Epcot is currently undergoing one of the most exciting refurbishment projects ever, but what's being done now is nothing compared to what's coming. In just a few weeks, the majority of Future World will be behind walls, and an even larger number of attractions, restaurants, and shops will be closed to make way for new and updated offerings.

As always, we are cautiously optimistic about the park's future, but we know that the new Epcot will look nothing like the original (and beloved) EPCOT Center. Let's take a look around the park as we wait to hear more about its future.

First of all, the other half of the Leave a Legacy monoliths is now being removed. We will post photos of this area in a separate update (this photo-report is already 5 pages long!):

Let's take a quick tour of the Electric Umbrella, a restaurant slated to close later this year:

Will you miss the retro look of tis quick-service location?

The plaza in front of the Fountain of Nations will be completely surrounded by walls starting September 8:

These weird tarps will be a thing of the past once the "new" Epcot debuts:

Sadly, we will have to bid farewell to the Fountain of Nations on September 8:

We'll miss this fountain:

Mouse Gear will return with a new look and - possibly - a new name (Centorium, anyone?):

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We expect the characters to be removed to align the look of this new location with that of the World of Disney store at Disney Springs and Downtown Disney in California:

Fountain View will also close on September 8, but Starbucks coffee will continue to be available elsewhere:

I know many people will miss Club Cool for the free soda, weird theming, and sticky floors:

The infamous Beverly was missing for a while but has since returned:

The Future World East water play area was recently refurbished:


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