Hollywood Studios Update: Shop Refurbishments, Galaxy's Edge, and More (PART 2)

Thank you for joining us for the second part of this new Disney's Hollywood Studios photo-report. Let's continue our tour of the park by visiting the Star Wars Launch Bay, Municiberg, and Echo Lake:

The Star Wars Launch Bay will continue to exist for the time being:

Here, park Guests have been able to "preview" some of Galaxy's Edge offerings for years:

The wheelchair ramp by the Chinese Theater is still closed for refurbishment:

Everything Guests can experience today in the Incredibles area will remain open once Galaxy's Edge opens (with the exception of the Super Shindig dance party):

Fans, rejoice! The One Man's Dream film is currently playing inside Walt Disney Presents:

Interestingly, the park is still advertising Star Wars: A Galactic Spectacular as an ALL-NEW nighttime spectacular. The show debuted back in 2016.

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The new logo of Disney's Hollywood Studios is now shown on the LED display by the Hyperion Theater:

Work on the new kiosk continues near Indiana Jones Epic Stunt Spectacular:

Let's take a quick look around the Backlot Express:

Some of the props were recently removed:

One of the condiment stations has been turned into a table:

The restrooms by Star Tours are being expanded:

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