PHOTOS: Critically-Endangered Lemurs Arrive at Brevard Zoo

Three-year-old red ruffed lemur sisters Julienne and Juniper have debuted at Brevard Zoo. This playful primate pair—the first members of their species ever housed at the Zoo—has taken up residence in a newly renovated habitat that formerly held rock hyraxes and turacos.

“Like all lemurs, they’re incredibly playful and fun to watch—especially in the morning before the heat sets in,” said Michelle Smurl, director of animal programs at the Zoo. “They’re amazing climbers, like little daredevils.”

Red ruffed lemurs are herbivorous, known to feed on fruit, leaves and seeds in their native Madagascar.

The Zoo hopes to introduce Julienne and Juniper to a male in the coming months. Baby red ruffed lemurs would be welcome news as the species is considered critically endangered due to deforestation and hunting. Since 2016, the Zoo has donated more than $23,000 to lemur conservation through its Quarters for Conservation program.

PHOTOS: © 2019 Brevard Zoo. All Rights Reserved.

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