LEGOLAND Florida Update: New Refresh & Refill Stations Debut and More

It has been a while since we had the opportunity to take a look around LEGOLAND Florida. This beautiful theme park offers more than 50 rides and attractions as well as a magnificent garden that includes a massive Banyan tree. Join us as we walk around the park to see what's new:

First of all, we noticed that the park recently added some new "Refresh and Refill" stations that serve cold beverages, popcorn, soft pretzels, as well as nachos and cheese. A Coke Freestyle machine can also be found nearby:

It's delightful listening to this LEGO character welcoming Guests to the relatively new Pepper & Roni's Pizza Stop:

The entrance to the former Island in the Sky has been completely blocked by trees and bushes:

Moving on:

We spotted some new wait time boards around the park. They are similar to those used at Universal Orlando:

Entering the Land of Adventure:

The Beetle Bounce attraction is now partially covered to provide some relief from the relentless sun:


Another "Refresh & Refill" station can be found between Ninjago and LEGO City:

By the way, the Brick Builders live show returned to the City Stage just a few days ago:

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Let's take a tour of the beautiful Cypress Gardens:

A large portion of the gardens was closed due to high water levels:

This is so beautiful:

The real star of the park:

The Great LEGO Race still features Virtual Reality:

Our last stop will be Miniland:

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