Islands of Adventure Update: Long Lines for Motorbike Adventure, New Bridge Opens (PART 2)

Thank you for joining us for the second part of this Islands of Adventure photo-report. Let's continue to take a closer look at the new bypass bridge and the themed lands surrounding this new structure:

This new bridge looks great:

More signs were reminding Guests that the new attraction was at capacity:

Take a look at the new bridge from another angle:

Some filming took place in the area earlier that day:

Temporary structures surrounded the new attraction:

This is as close as Guests could get to the ride if they weren't already in line by then:

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These temporary props are all gone now:

Here's the line for the ride (which was still about 5-6 hours long):

Over in Jurassic Park, the new Vacation Information kiosk is now open:

Walls surround the majority of the land:

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