Epcot Update: Guardians of the Galaxy, Ratatouille, & More (PART 3)

Thank you for joining us for the third part of this new Epcot photo-report. While our tour is finally coming to an end, there's still plenty to see around the rest of World Showcase. Take a look:


Work continues in the future site of the new Takumi-Tei restaurant:

The new Ratatouille showbuilding is still easy to spot from specific areas of the park:

Of course, nothing compares to this:

Back in France:

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A new wall is being built near the pathway that will soon lead to the new Ratatouille area:

The new facades are taking shape behind the scenes:

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  1. Great job as always guys. Epcot still remains my favorite even though it's probably not Disney's best park.


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