Animal Kingdom Update: Getting Ready for The Lion King Celebration (PART 1)

Disney's Animal Kingdom is such a special place. Even though it features some truly amazing attractions, the real stars here are the animals and the luxurious vegetation that creates a canopy covering almost every corner of the park.

Today, we will take you along as we take a look around the park to see what's new. Enjoy the tour!

We have said this many times, but we believe one can never take too many pictures of the Tree of Life:

It's so beautiful.

The Terra Treats sign has been completely removed:

The otter exhibit reopened just a few weeks ago. Notice the new building in the back:

Work walls can still be found in the area:

Moving on:

DinoLand U.S.A.:

The new Wilderness Explorers station is now open near the DINOSAUR ride:

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We didn't notice this before, but the odd wall near the main DinoLand shop (located across from Dino-Rama) has been removed:

Well, here it is...

Since yesterday was particularly hot, we decided to enjoy Finding Nemo - The Musical:

We actually enjoy the show:


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