VIDEO: Western Way Extension Opens Near Disney's Flamingo Crossings

The extension of Western Way officially opened today near Flamingo Crossings, the Disney-owned area that will soon be home to multiple hotels, a shopping center, and a housing complex for Disney College Program Cast Members. Western Way is the road that connects SR 429 and Flamingo Crossings to the Walt Disney World Resort and surrounding areas.

While the majority of Guests visiting the Walt Disney World Resort may end up never using this road, it will be very useful to locals that live on the other side of town, including Horizon West, Four Corners, and even Clermont.

Take a look at the following video showing the new road (the video starts from the intersection with Avalon Road and ends at the western entrance of the Walt Disney World Resort, near the back of Disney's Animal Kingdom Theme Park):

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  1. The intersection of Western Way and Avalon road is ripe for a Huge Accident or two. They need a Light here real bad. I will not be traveling this rode again till that is done.

  2. Wawa from 192...a great shortcut.


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