SeaWorld Orlando Update: Dolphin Nursery Reopens & More (PART 2)

Thank you for joining us for the second part of this new SeaWorld Orlando photo-report. Let's continue our tour of the park:

We are very surprised that the Sea Carousel was not incorporated into the new Sesame Street land:

Multiple beverage carts have been placed near the Starbucks by the Shamu Stadium:

Infinity Falls was experiencing technical difficulties (as usual, sadly), but the ride reopened later on:

More feedback points were spotted inside the Waterway Grill:

By the way, the restaurant now offers self-service ordering kiosks:

Here they area:

Moving on:


The attraction's queue setup has been changed:

Non-Riders now enter on the left side by going through a temporary-looking queue:

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Let's explore the Sea of Legends:

The Key West sign was recently refurbished. It looks great now!:


The Dolphin Cove:

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