SeaWorld Orlando Update: Dolphin Nursery Reopens & More (PART 1)

SeaWorld Orlando just keeps getting better and better. In addition to the new attractions and shows that have been added in recent years (and will be added in the near future), the park continues to introduce new special events, new food & beverage offerings, and more.

This afternoon we will take a quick look around the park to see what's new. We hope you'll enjoy the tour!

Multiple interactive feedback points have been placed inside some of the park's stores and food & beverage locations:

Sesame Street merchandise is now available near the entrance of the park:

Moving on:

The Dolphin Nursery reopened just a few weeks ago:

This pathway is only available during special events (at least for now):

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Additional entertainment offerings are available during the Seven Seas Festival:

If rumors prove to be true, Wild Arctic might not be around for much longer. Sources (including Screamscape) say that the area including the ride's simulators may soon become the station for an all-new coaster in 2020 OR the location of a new Sesame Street ride. We will see what happens:

For now, walls still surround the area where the Seven Seas Railway used to be located before it was moved to the new Sesame Street land:

In the meantime, the entrance of the attraction has been moved to a temporary spot:

1 comment:

  1. That's so sad to hear Wild Arctic may be leaving; that was one of my favorite rides as a kid. I'll only be okay with the simulator leaving if the exhibit portion will remain intact and be incorporated into a new attraction, and the simulator building will make room for BOTH a Sesame Street dark ride and a Wavebreaker roller coaster.


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