Islands of Adventure Update: Work on Former Dragon Challenge Castle Proceeds (PART 3)

Thank you for joining us for the third (and final) part of this new Universal's Islands of Adventure photo-report. Once again, we invite you to also check out PART 2 of this update if you haven't already done so to enjoy even more photos taken around the park. Let's continue to take a look around:


This sign looks new:


The string lights in the area have seen better days:


The fire hydrant is still missing:


Funnel Puffs are now available at the Comic Strip Cafe:


Did we already mention that we love this park?:


Marvel Superhero Island will be our last stop:


A small section of the waterfront area by Captain America Diner is closed-off:


We didn't notice anything wrong in this area:


A new warning sign was recently installed by the entrance of The Amazing Adventures of Spider-Man:


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  1. Park is lovely, but looks like it could use some work on it's details.

  2. They should have never added anything new to the very outdated Marvel area after 2010, god lord, hope that area catches a major fire in the wake of rival park/resort, Disney with one of its parade floats catching fire(it would be an accidental fire), unlike the parade float at Disney, the IOA Marvel area under its poorly named "Superhero Island", all of its rides, shops, eateries, and other buildings and signs would NOT be repairable and will NOT reopen, completely demolishing the area, Disney would win the rights of ALL of the Avengers(with Disney announcing a Spider-Man ride in Tomorrowland at the Magic Kingdom(replacing the infamous Stitch ride "thing"), an Avengers themed area at DHS(replacing the Indy stunt show and respective area(off-topic, a new Indy ride would be in active development at the Studios ASSP as well), and a Wakanda area themed to Black Panther at DAK(location unknown at this time) ASSP, as well as having all of the affective heroes meet their fans at a Disney park for the first time in Orlando, all the Avengers at DHS in Sunset Blvd or Grand Avenue, Captain Marvel where Olaf meets currently at the same aforementioned park, Spider-Man at MK right next to where Buzz meets in Tomorrowland, Doctor Strange would also be in Tomorrowland near one of the gift shops, and Black Panther with the Dora Milaje at DAK near the Tree of Life(which would have Disney force to remove Doc McStuffins from DAK, she can still meet at DHS). Speaking of Universal, its Marvel area would be replaced with a brand spanking new expansion of the existing Toon Lagoon area(but the expanded half would focus more on TV cartoons, than comic strip characters(which the original half has), and will feature characters and attractions from two very popular Nickelodeon Nicktoons(no pun intended), SpongeBob SquarePants(would have his very own Bikini Bottom play area(both wet and dry) and real-life Krusty Krab eatery(even though the food would be misleading, as the Krabby Patties would just be regular burgers) and The Loud House(featuring two rides, a dark ride that takes place in the actual Loud family house with animatronics(no screens, which would be very good news for those who HATE screen rides at UOR) and 25 inch drop at the end(which would be on the site of the old Spider-Man ride(and be honest, it would be more popular than the Spidey ride, as well as the other rides in the park, including all the Harry Potter rides and King Kong all combined) and a spin-a-round carousel with Lily Loud and her toys with the infamous Fenton the Feel Better Fox song playing during the ride(on the site of the Storm Force Accelatron, it would be a mix of the Tea Cups, a normal merry go round, and the Swirling Saucers(all at its rival resort), with a mix of the old Storm ride), as well as DreamWorks Animation's Mr. Peabody & Sherman(even though the film was a box office bomb), and DWA's Netflix originals Voltron and the all-new show that has all the fan art on social media, Harvey Street Kids.

    1. You are the most butthurt person of all time. Universal will own Marvel rights at Islands of Adventure for eternity and will never give them to Disney so get that through your thick skull! The land is a masterpiece with 4 attractions all unique to different IPs, a great arcade, three different uniquely themed restaurants, and a great facade to feel like you are in the comics!

      It has nothing to do with the awful, CGI infested, MCU Disney creates! Which is a great thing! The characters can flourish here at Universal like they should. As there original intentions not what Disney cooked up on the computer that has no chance of ever being recreated in real life for a theme park.

      The fact you can’t deal with how amazing Islands of Adventure is must be because you are being blinded by how badly Disney mistreats all the IPs they could put into their parks!!!

      They have owned Pixar for Over a decade and have done nothing with it! They need to focus on their franchises they own and build on them. They aren’t ever getting Marvel in Orlando so deal with it!

  3. Sonny well said, I believe that Disney can not use its I.Ps well at the minute and hoping that galaxy's edge proves me wrong but I think we will be disappointed. MS I is far from prefect but it's a fun area of the park and is fitted more to the retro marvel that as a kid of the 90s i grew up with and loved. This area is staying for a long time so Disney fan boys get use to it and if you think disney can do better have you seen what they have done with guardians show at epcot this summer enough said


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