Disney Files Patent For "Deployable Shading Structure" That Could Be Used in Theme Parks

One of The Walt Disney Company's ED&E team members recently secured a patent for "Deployable Shading Structure" that could potentially be used in theme parks in the future.

The patent was filed under the title “Deployable Shading Structure”, and it outlines the use of canopies that could be deployed and retracted dependent on when the parks feel they are needed, allowing unobstructed views when not in use, and able to be themed as the parks see fit. The structure was designed to leverage existing lighting and power infrastructure to not be disruptive to the area development and remain cost effective.

Here's the patent description:

“The canopy, in some embodiments, is formed of a material with pores or mesh-like openings sized and shaped so that the canopy is at least partially air and water permeable so that the canopy does not behave like a sail or kite. The canopy may be circular, square, or some other shape, and, when deployed, may generally be shaped as an upward facing cup or saucer (or upward facing flower) with each of its web segments (e.g., portions of the canopy extending between support ribs or arms) having an arched or arcuate shape when viewed from the side from the center of the canopy to the outer edges.”

Would you like to see something like this at the Walt Disney World Resort (this could be REALLY useful to provide shade in Toy Story Land)? Let us know in the comments section.

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