CEO of NBCUniversal Officially Confirms Plans for New Universal Theme Park in Orlando

On July 26, Comcast Corporation (the parent company of Universal Orlando Resort) held a conference call to discuss the 2nd quarter earnings for 2018. During the call, Stephen B. Burke (Senior EVP & CEO, NBCUniversal) made a very interesting comment about the future of Universal Orlando, essentially confirming plans for a new theme park.

While most fans are already aware that these plans exist, this is the first time the company officially acknowledges the fact that a brand-new theme park is being considered, meaning that the company might be ready to make a more detailed announcement in the not-so-distant future.

Here's the portion of the conference call that mentions the new park (FULL TRANSCRIPT):

QUESTION: [...] On Theme Parks, Universal filed in mid-June with the patent office for the name Fantastic Worlds. Is that an indication that you are planning another gate in Orlando?

Stephen B. Burke - Senior EVP & CEO, NBCUniversal: [...] In terms of a new gate in Florida, we are looking at it. We filed basically a name registration. We have a lot of great IP. We love the theme park business. It's one of our best, most consistent businesses. And we think we have a lot of -- a very long runway and that another gate in Florida would have the advantage of turning Florida from a two- or three-day destination to potentially a weeklong destination. We think that would be attractive.

This is very exciting, isn't it? Stay tuned as we continue to keep you up-to-date regarding this project.

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