SeaWorld Orlando Unveils New Renderings of Infinity Falls River Raft Ride

In an effort to build up anticipation for the park's newest ride, SeaWorld Orlando recently shared new artistic renderings of Infinity Falls as part of an article that recently appeared on its official blog. Some of these renderings also show some of the other offerings that will be available to park Guests in Harmony Village, the themed land that surrounds the new water ride.

The S.E.A. Collective Store (shown below) will be located in front of the new Harmony Village:

The land's dining location will be themed as a mess hall (that's a concept the park has used before):

Here's a closer look at the details that Guests will be able to notice as they board one of the rafts:

One of the updated renderings seems to confirm that the one of the two structures that was going to be installed on top of the ride's iconic drop has been cut from the final version of the ride.



We will conclude with a short video that features some of the renderings shown above and more:

RENDERINGS AND VIDEO: © 2018 SeaWorld Parks & Resorts Orlando. All Rights Reserved.


  1. Nice addition. Wonder what the Mess Hall menu will be and if the Season Pass lounge will be kept. Cannot wait.

  2. I liked the rendering with the 2 structures better.


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