New Background Music Debuts Today at Disney's Hollywood Studios

Starting January 11, updated musical arrangements around Disney's Hollywood Studios will make Guests feel as if they have walked right into their own cinematic adventure. Big band arrangements of familiar Disney tunes now greet Guests even before they go through the park’s Main Entrance. Once inside the park, the music transitions to popular songs from the 30s and 40s, also in the big band style that comes to a crescendo as Guests approach the beautiful Chinese Theater. 

Throughout the park, the music complements each area’s setting and timeframe perfectly. From brassy horns near Echo Lake and jazz at the BaseLine Tap House, to the sounds of live performances outside Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster Starring Aerosmith, it’s music to our ears!

Here you are additional details about the background music that Guests can now hear in each ection of the park:

1) Main Entrance: Adapted from a custom work created for Mickey Avenue at  Shanghai Disneyland, you’ll hear Big Band arrangements of many of your favorite  Disney tunes.

2) Hollywood Boulevard: Custom arranged specifically for Disney’s Hollywood Studios, you’ll be toe-tapping to Big Band instrumental arrangements of popular songs from the 30’s and 40’s. These tracks were recorded twice, with a few differences to help Guests transition from Hollywood Boulevard to the hub of  Disney’s Hollywood Studios.

3) Sunset Boulevard: Sunset Boulevard gives you the opportunity to sing along with vocal tracks from similar Big Band hits played on Hollywood Boulevard.

4) Echo Lake: As you transition away from Sunset and Hollywood Boulevard, you will continue to hear Big Band sounds, pushing towards the 50’s and 60’s with bright, brassy horns and lush string arrangements.

5) Grand Avenue: Inspired by present-day Downtown Los Angeles, the music on the street includes retro-contemporary west coast funk sound defined by a strong bassline, electric guitars, horns and synthesizers. You may also hear traffic noises, birds, children playing, along with dialog coming from the storefronts. Fun fact: If you stand outside Garcia Sisters, you’ll hear what sounds like a radio inside the  shop playing a Latin pop station.

6) BaseLine Tap House: As you relax and enjoy a beverage, you’ll hear what sounds like a house band performing jazz and Bossa Nova covers of pop hits from the past few decades.

7) Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster courtyard: As you prepare to go upside down in the fast lane, you’ll hear a music festival in the distance, featuring live versions of classic rock songs by the original artists combined with crowd sounds to simulate a continuous performance.

Of course, music is just one part of your experience at Disney’s Hollywood Studios. There’s also the park’s unprecedented growth that features even more of what today’s Hollywood has to offer, whether it be in movies, music, television or theater. In 2018, the park will be rolling out the red carpet for Guests to experience the first part of the park’s blockbuster expansion with Toy Story Land where Guests will step right into Andy’s backyard and play alongside his toys. And in 2019, another of our Guests’ favorite worlds will come to life when Guests will play a starring role in their own story at Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge.

With new experiences, music, and more, the Disney’s Hollywood Studios of the future is a place where imagined worlds become real adventures to explore together. Here’s to Hollywood.

PHOTO: © 2018 Walt Disney World Resort. All Rights Reserved.

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