Hollywood Studios Update: The Great Movie Ride is Gone (PART 2)

Welcome to the second part of our newest Disney's Hollywood Studios photo-report. Don't forget to check out PART 1 of this update to enjoy photos taken in other areas of this theme park.
In the previous part, we walked around the main entrance of the park, Hollywood Boulevard, the Center Stage, Animation Courtyard, and Pixar Place. Let's continue our tour of the park by moving on to the future Grand Avenue, Muppets Courtyard, Echo Lake, and Sunset Boulevard.

The future site of Grand Avenue:


The large pillars will be part of a large structure that will act as the main entrance of Star Wars Land:


The following photo was featured in one of the latest Disney Parks Blog posts and shows the current status of Star Wars Land:

Let's take a look at this construction zone from above:


Muppets Courtyard will soon become Grand Park:


Star Tours will continue to delight Guests for a while:


Sunset Boulevard:


The Music of Pixar Live's last performance will take place on Sunday, August 27:


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PHOTOS: Alex, Official Orlando Theme Park News Team Member and Photographer.



  1. Let Beauty and the Beast Live end instead, same for the Star Wars stage show(the stage doesn't need to be used anymore)

  2. Nothing should be ending. They have already taken too much away. This park is a joke

  3. This park is pretty dang empty now, I really think they should have held off closing Great Movie Ride until AFTER Toy Story Land opened. All these changes are pretty welcome, but they seem to be closing too much too soon.

  4. Ask yourself if you would pay just to visit Hollywood Studios on it's own in it's current condition. The answer , possibly, might be a resounding "No".
    That will tell you just how far this Park has fallen behind the others. It's great that there are new attractions in the making but to close some at this time, like the Great Movie Ride, seems to me to be a very poor strategy.

  5. You have to crack a lot of eggs to make an omelet.

    Tear the whole place down and start over again. It was a poorly conceived rush job in the first place. I am pretty sure we have not seen the last of the closures and rebuilds. I suspect that the animation courtyard is eventually gone. I also see some sort of re-theme to the front of the park. No scrap of the original park will go un altered.

  6. 4 things: 1) Not quite sure why they are building Grand Ave. I understand that it will be a queue area to get into SW:GE but they are not even finishing the buildings there. I thought they would at least enclose them and put shops in. Still cannot figure out where the whole new brew pub is going. 2) Grand Ave is now themed to Los Angeles, but isn't Rizzo's Pizza and Mama Melrose's set in New York? 3) I know they are closing Launch Bay, but Star Tours is not in SW:GE which makes no sense. 4) Now I understand that Pixar Place is leaving. Why? Are they going to force everyone into Toy Story Land? I'm just not getting what is being done to this park. There is no cohesiveness, no flow.

    1. PizzeRizzo and Mama Melrose's are set in Los Angeles. PizzeRizzo is simply a New York-style themed pizza place smack dab in L.A. PizzeRizzo has several Muppet-themed flyers and ads inside the restaurant that mention addresses for PizzeRizzo and Gonzo's Royal Flush and they all say Grand Avenue, Los Angeles on them.

  7. There always seems to be a lot of negativity about Hollywood Studios in recent times. I can remember going there in the MGM Studios days before the likes of Rock'n'Roller Coaster and still having an enjoyable, easy, day. We'd see Indiana Jones and ride the Great Movie Ride. We'd do the backlot tour and see whatever show was being performed. The Muppets, Tower of Terror and always a decent afternoon parade. Then Fantasmic in the evening before heading off.
    I just wonder if it's a generational thing. Technology has brought advancements in all of the attractions. Maybe people now want and need more and more and get frustrated with older rides.
    It's just an observation , not a criticism and only my humble view of course. But times change and so do audiences. Me ? Well I liked the idea of having a slightly slower paced Park to visit on days when I didn't want the crowds of Magic KIngdom. Although the advent of R'nR was a welcome addition. Later developments like "Lights , Motor, Action" were good but not at the expense of the Tour.
    Just saying....................

  8. My husband and I rode "The Great Movie Ride" in July before the announcement to close the attraction. We joked that it was more like "the mediocre movie ride" or "the tired movie ride". We only ever rode it to get out of the sun and off our feet for 20 minutes. We won't miss it.

  9. I agree with two of the comments above 1) that MGM Studios / Hollywood Studios needed ripping apart and starting again, and 2) that closing the Great Movie Ride seemed a very odd thing to do whilst there is so much closed already. I understand that the "Hollywood" concept is falling away - and I said myself not long ago that the whole place needed bulldozing; but it's quite sad/painful to see this interim period. I'm sure in 2020 we'll all be saying how fantastic it is... but it is sad.

    I will miss the Great Movie Ride, I feel as though it could have been kept, just updated - but I guess if it's going to cost twice as much to replace as it is to change then why not.

    I think we just need to grit our teeth and trust them!


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