Disney Springs Update: Saying Goodbye to the DisneyQuest Building

Disney's last indoor theme park officially closed its door to the public on July 2 at Disney Springs, leaving a giant building vacant... for now. Indeed, the Walt Disney World Resort already filed permits to demolish the structure and replace it with an entirely new building that will house a new NBA restaurant/attraction (details about this new offering are still scarce). Additionally, work continues on The Edison themed restaurant in The Landing. Let's take a look around to see what's new.

Welcome to Disney Springs:


We will begin by walking around the West Side:


Super Hero Headquarters temporarily closed July 31. It will reopen on August 4:


Moving on:


The top balcony of Splitsville was recently enclosed:


It is amazing to think that this iconic building will soon be completely gone:


Will you miss DisneyQuest? Be sure to let us know in the comments:


DisneyQuest closed almost exactly one month ago:


Cirque Du Soleil will also close on December 31. It will reopen in 2018 featuring a brand-new show:


The Aerophile ticket booth is being refurbished:


The Edison and another mystery restaurant continue to take shape in The Landing:


Let's take a closer look:


The icon of The Edison will be the smokestack seen on the right:


Behind the walls:


Let's continue our tour of Disney Springs:


The Landing:


The springs are absolutely beautiful:


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PHOTOS: Alex, Official Orlando Theme Park News Team Member and Photographer.


  1. The Edison is the slowest construction project ever!

    1. I have been following the Disney Springs project since the beginning and the Edison part clearly had some issues along the way. There were starts and stops in the construction and some revisions to permits well into construction. I believe the plans for this area changed at some point along the way. The "mystery restaurant" was going to be "Walt's" at one point, but there has been no mention of that for a while now since it appears there was a change of plans.

    2. The whole thing is the Edison. The area everyone had called 'Walt's' is the performance arena for The Edison. There will also be an underground 'speak easy' as part of the complex. Adult (or should I say, 'Not Kid' ) entertainment returns to the Island at last!

  2. Does anyone else feel like Disney Springs is just too big at this point? It's like an entire park, but filled almost exclusively with stores and restaurants. The removal of DisneyQuest leaves the Aerophile, Cirque Du Soleil, the carousel, and the $125-per-ride amphicars as the only notable things to see or do (not counting the movie theater or bowling alley, which you could find literally anywhere). And the amphicar thing really doesn't deserve mention, since you can do basically the same thing at SeaWorld for $5 and even the Florida State Fair if I remember correctly. The only place with less to do is Hollywood Studios. With the recent explosion of new shopping and entertainment districts along the I-Drive corridor (CityWalk expansion, I-Drive 360, iSquare Hotel/Mall, Skyplex, etc.), not to mention the overabundance of new stores and restaurants being put into the Disney parks, one has to wonder if the market actually exists to support all this commercial business or if these new developments are going to become a colossal cluster of white elephants. I mean, who actually goes to Orlando to go shopping? Unless you're rich and/or retired, you're probably not going to set aside an extra day or even a few hours of your vacation to go to Disney Springs. The locals go there every now and then, but they'll go with a specific intention to buy something, eat somewhere, or see some show, and then leave, giving Disney Springs the foot traffic and revenue of an average shopping mall. Given how little Disney likes to spend on its actual parks, this endless construction of new stores and restaurants seems like a waste of resources, even though they're probably making a profit on it.

    1. I don't entirely agree with this. First, NBA will be something to do that isn't a restaurant of shop (although it will contain both), but I understand that it won't be everyone's cup of tea. If you are looking for things to do other then shops and restaurants then you are right Disney Springs is not for you but that's really nothing new, it has always been primarily a shopping and dining area. I neither retired nor rich, but I always set aside from time in my trips to go down there. The other area shopping you mention probably keeps down the numbers of locals coming to Disney Springs, but most visitors like to stay in the "Disney bubble", so those other places don't even exist for them.

    2. Respectfully, I also disagree! Aside from enjoying the restaurants in Disney Spring (even when we are in Orlando for non-Disney trips), our kids prefer to save their money to do their souvenir shopping at Disney Spring, where there are Marvel, Star Wars, and Lego items you can't find in the parks. The holiday tree display is fun to walk through and we all enjoy the live music. I do think its a destination for folks who enjoy Disney but want a break from the attractions. On our last trip everyone decided it would be more fun to head over for an evening at Disney Springs than to be at our Universal Resort.

    3. Unless they want some REAL shopping, then they will head over to Mall At Millenia, which is hands down, the best shopping in central Florida (and air conditioned with some great restaurants)

    4. Have to say I prefer the Downtown Disney / Pleasure Island of the late 90's. With places like the Wildhorse Saloon , the main Stage where every night was New Year's Eve and the irreplaceable Adventurers Club, to name but three, the new incarnation of this area pales into mediocrity.
      All together now..........Doh the thing I buy beer with , Ray the guy I buy beer from....etc
      Just saying.

    5. Agreed. I've been there a few times and it's just a glorified mall. Downtown Disney/Pleasure Island of old seemed like it used to have character. Springs is just plain boring.


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