Walt Disney World Introduces New Soccer Training Program

The Walt Disney World Resort is teaming with one of the most successful professional soccer leagues in the world to host a soccer program for youth athletes at ESPN Wide World of Sports Complex. This program, presented by LaLiga and Walt Disney World Resort, will provide a holistic approach to soccer education with a variety of proven, year-round training programs that aim to develop youth soccer athletes both on and off the field and provide coaches and referees with additional instruction.

Here's a list of frequently asked questions about Walt Disney World's new soccer training program:

When will this soccer program open to the public?
An open house will be hosted at ESPN Wide World of Sports June 1-4, and training and development is slated to begin in late June. All interested athletes, coaches, parents, and officials are invited to attend the event.

Who is eligible to participate?
Kids of all abilities between the ages of four and 18 are welcome to participate in this soccer program.

How is this program different from other soccer clubs?
This soccer program is focused on offering a holistic approach to soccer education. In addition, there are no minimum time requirements needed to sign up. Athletes, coaches, parents and officials can book daily, weekly, monthly or longer.

How will the athletes benefit from this soccer program?
Athletes will receive premier soccer training from world-renowned coaches and leaders, get development opportunities on and off the field, and they’ll have the ability to compete in new, unique tournaments and events. In addition, athletes, coaches and parents will have additional development opportunities.

Is this just for youth athletes?
This soccer program is specifically designed for athletes between the ages of four and 18. However, soccer fans of all ages will be able to attend some events.

Where can we get additional information?
Athletes, coaches, parents and officials who are interested in learning more can attend an open house and combine June 1-4 at ESPN Wide World of Sports Complex, or visit www.Idea-Sports.com.

This multi-year agreement further cements the reputation of ESPN Wide World of Sports Complex as a top venue for athletes of all ages and levels to pursue their sports dreams.

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