New "Dolphin Day" Show Debuts Today at SeaWorld Orlando

Starting from this weekend, Guests will have more reasons to spend Spring Break at SeaWorld. As they sip and sample their way around the park during the Seven Seas Food Festival, Guests will be able to take in exclusive new entertainment. The debut of Dolphin Days, an all-new dolphin show that replaced Blue Horizons, coupled with a fun-filled weekend of special events with world-renowned Jack Hanna, will educate and delight guests of all ages. Continue reading this post to learn more.

Dolphin Days: Premiering today, April 1
New to SeaWorld Orlando, Dolphin Days will offer guests an immersive and educational glimpse into the world of the ocean’s most playful ambassadors, the Atlantic bottlenose dolphin. Throughout the show, the audience will see the personality of each animal, witness the special bond they share with their trainers, and learn how to protect dolphins in the wild. The show will also continue to feature the beautiful macaws from Blue Horizons.

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Daily show times for Dolphin Days are currently available at and on SeaWorld's app.

Jack Hanna: April 1 and 2
“Jungle Jack” Hanna, animal expert, author, television personality and lifelong adventurer returns to the park. Jack will share animal facts and his travel tales during captivating and interactive presentations inside the Nautilus Theater, along with several animal species he has never brought to SeaWorld before.

Throughout the weekend, the park will have several opportunities for guests to personally interact with Jack Hanna, including meet & greets, autograph signings, and exclusive dining packages. Space is limited; guests are encouraged to visit to book reserved seating and dining experiences in advance.

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  1. Not me. I've been a lo g supporter of Sea World but I've had it with their stupid decisions just to half please the people that won't go there anyway. I will miss blue horizons.

  2. I agree with the poster above. Used to be a huge fan but not anymore. The decisions of management have got out of hand and I cant support the path the park is taking.

  3. What decisions? To update the show? Please. Things change and show do the shows.

  4. Hmm let's see.
    1) ending orca breeding. (Wait and see it will go to the other animals as well)
    2) getting rid of theatrical shows. (No reason that you can't have fun and theatrical together. San Antonio used to have educational shows in morning and theatrical in afternoon.
    3) partnership with HSUS.
    4) the plan to focus on virtual reality animal experiences in the future.

    The list is bigger than this but you get the idea

  5. Hugh, what is wrong with you? You can go anywhere in the world and swim with the dolphins. Sea World is awesome! That's ok, don't go. One less person I have to worry about waiting in a line for.


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