Typhoon Lagoon Introduces Changes After Refurbishment

After closing for its annual refurbishment back in December 2016, Disney's Typhoon Lagoon continued to be busy as construction crews worked hard to bring a number of enhancements to some of the water park's attractions and amenities. In addition to installing new signs and maps, some of the queues around the water park received new fans, pools and slides were repainted, and more. This is definitely a great year for Typhoon Lagoon, as the park also opened a new attraction just a few days ago.

Here you are additional information regarding the enhancements that Guests will notice around the park:

Surf Pool:
Typhoon Lagoon's premiere attraction has been completely resurfaced and equipped with new pumps to ensure "totally tubular" waves for Guests while further enhancing the safety of both Cast and Guests.

Castaway Creek:
This year, Castaway Creek  was completely drained, painted and resurfaced. In addition to that, in a continuous effort to improve water safety, two Lifeguard stands have been overhauled.

New DirectOARies (Directions + Boat Oars = DirectOARies):
Similar to signage found at Blizzard Beach, Typhoon Lagoon now has additional information for Guests to navigate around the park. By combining creative theming with Guest information, the park will allow Guests to efficiently get around to amenities and attractions. 

New in-park maps:
With their fresh and vibrant look, the new in-park maps have been added to the park in an effort to further enhance the Guest experience. No paper or mobile device is needed to navigate around the park.

Brand new park-entry signs:
A brand new park-entry sign has been added to the Main Entrance. Wood-workings were painted and rebuilt as well.


Keelhaul Falls:
In efforts to exceed Guest expectations, shades and fans have been added for the queue line.

Palms Dining:
Palms Dining has been equipped with new fans to cool off Guests as they await or serve food orders. In addition, misters have been added to the mug refill stations.

Self-serve locker rental kiosks:
Typhoon Lagoon's self-serve locker rental kiosks have been upgraded with new and innovative technology. As a result, the screens will now only be visible within a narrow line of sight.

High N Dry with new amenities:
New amenities have been added to High N Dry rentals to allow Guests to purchase cooled beverages. “Clam-Shell” beds will now be available for rent near the Super Cabana by Crush N Gusher. Each bed features a tucked away beach and drink table. 

Crush 'N' Gusher:
Opened almost 12 years ago, Crush 'N' Gusher has always been a “Daytime Only” attraction. Now, with the addition of new lighting, Crush 'N' Gusher will be able to offer Guests a great experience after dark! 

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  1. I'm surprised that Disney did not change the name to Volcano Lagoon. MGM is supposed to be renamed Hollywood Adventure to confuse people into thinking it's both Universal parks

  2. I thought it was supposed to be renamed Studios Adventure?


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