Paddlefish Restaurant Opening February 4 at Disney Springs

The Paddlefish, a new seafood-centric restaurant that was formerly known as Fulton’s Crab House, is set to open on Feb. 4, 2017 in The Landing at Disney Springs. Once open, Guests will be welcome aboard the iconic riverboat structure, which has been transformed into a contemporary interpretation of an elegant steamboat that features modern yacht touches from stem to stern. Fan favorites as well as classic dishes from Fulton’s Crab House, such as Lobster Corn Dogs and Crab Legs, are still offered.

Among the new food and beverage offerings that will be available when the restaurant opens, Guests will find contemporary options such as Lobster Risotto, Jambalaya, and more. The updated menu will also feature new dining experiences including tableside services like Lobster Guacamole and Branzino for two carved tableside.


This new dining location can be found in The Landing near T-REX and Portobello Country Italian Trattoria

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  1. Why would a classic steamship have modern yacht touches? This is the old Florida town that has a closed elevated train track that was made into a planter like the one in New York City so it's constantly unrealistic at least.

    The theming of Disney Springs makes no sense at all and I feel like I'm at any other outdoor mall. It's not old or new Florida and it's not uniquely Disney like the Adventures Club or character dining that used to be there. It feels cookie cutter to me especially when most stores and restaurants can be found at malls in Orlando or in other cities. I'll be at the reasonable priced malls until they add stuff that I can only see or do there again.

  2. I haven't eaten at Fulton's in years---maybe 20. I like the new design. I saw the menu and definitely would be tempted to try it again. Can't wait to try all the dining options @ Disney Springs.

  3. I love the theming of Disney Springs. The story is a cattle rancher discovered the springs in the mid-1800s and expanded from there. It's themed after coastal Florida towns such as St Augustine and Coral Gables. An additional theme is clearly "high end" as the new restaurants are phenomenal but certainly more expensive. At the end of the day, it is an outdoor mall, just a really cool outdoor mall. Plus you can walk around with a beer if you choose to, which you can't at any other outdoor mall I know of in central Florida. I consider it the "poor man's Epcot" because it reminds me of walking around World Showcase trying different food and drinks, except Disney Springs has free parking and no entry fee. As for Paddlefish, Fulton's was disgusting and needed to change. I think the new theming of "modern yacht" reflects the reality of modern restaurant experiences today, and reflects the "high end" dining model they've implemented. While some people may be put off by the high costs of the restaurants, there are low-cost counter service options available.

  4. So the cattle rancher named it Disney Springs, built a elevated train in old Florida then closed it to make it a planter and removed most references to Disney characters except for the massive Disneyquest building. Sorry but as far as the urban planning goes I think they missed badly. The majority of people going to Disney are families with kids and not enough was added or updated to entice them their core demographic. Most of the buildings are actually copied from Winter Park and the bricks are from Rollins College also in Winter Park just north of the real Orlando not near the coast. I have no issues with the high end dining but there is nothing else to do there anymore besides eat and the restaurants in Winter Park, Downtown Orlando, and restaurant row in Dr Philps are all better and more consistent quality. They do not even have ice skating anymore which they used to have and Winter Park still does in the winter. Walt understand the importance of movement and the energy that it brings to a space. Disney Springs has no sense of place it feels and looks like many other malls. The Lego store and the old village marketplace section really stick out against the so called theme or story. I was no fan of Fultons but I think they should had themed it back to the Empress Lilly as that classic style like the steamship in Magic Kingdom would fit in better with the theme of Disney Springs. Plus in a few years who will want to eat on a modern steamship it will fell dated and it's not realistic or magical. I still have higher expectations for Disney


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