"March of the First Order" Changing at Hollywood Studios

Starting Sunday, October 2, Captain Phasma and her division of Stormtroopers will make their way from Hollywood Boulevard as part of the March of the First Order. Previously beginning their march from the Star Wars Launch Bay in Animation Courtyard, they will now commence out of the backstage gate next to Sid's, make their way up Hollywood Boulevard, briefly stop at the intersection of Sunset Boulevard, and continue on to the Center Stage area of the park.

Guests can watch the march along the sides of Hollywood Boulevard, as well as in front of Center Stage, allowing for additional viewing areas. A camera will now also travel along with Captain Phasma and the Stormtroopers, presenting the images on screens located in the Center Stage area for all to see.

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  1. Disney sure has perfected the art of squeezing every last drop of marketability out of their movies, and spending very little money doing it. I can't decide which one they've gone overboard with the most -Frozen or Star Wars- but every time it's been ridiculous. Even the forgettable live action Cinderella remake got its own parade. The annual Star Wars celebrations have been annoying, but at least they have the excuse that it's a popular movie series. Creating a cheap and somewhat pointless walk through "attraction" to make up for spending half a decade building the Star Wars land, and more or less extending the "celebration" indefinitely, is just lazy and annoying. Meanwhile, the cheap Frozen celebration that went on uninterrupted for years (despite being a last-minute replacement for a different seasonal event and only being intended to last for a couple months or weeks) spanned multiple parks and didn't really have any justification for existing except as a money-grab to capitalize on that movie's hype until they finally got the also-cheap Frozen layover of Maelstrom open. I dream of the day when Disney goes back to creating original/high quality attractions.