Polynesian Village Update: Fence Installation Continues

Even though the major refurbishment (or "reimagining") of Disney's Polynesian Village Resort officially came to an end a few months ago, more work continues to be done around this beautifully-themed resort to improve its appearance.
In addition to that, the installation of the new fence by the beach continues. This is being done to avoid having wild animals enter Guest areas (even though it's impossible to completely block animals from entering public areas). Tale a look:

Welcome to Disney's Polynesian Village Resort:


Some work is being done near the resort's main entrance:


Large tarps hide scaffolding that has been installed by a small body of water:


Let's now take a look around the beach:


This new fence was installed a few weeks ago:


Guests can no longer access the water:


It looks like more work is being done near the new bungalows:


We have to say that the new fence does not look bad at all in our opinion. It doesn't look as intrusive as a metal fence would (we are aware that they wouldn't install such a fence near the lake, but you never know). For example, the fence surrounding the resort's feature pool wouldn't look as good in that area:


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